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QUDO is a web3 gaming ecosystem that offers unparalleled ownership and interoperability. QUDO’s seamless ecosystem connects gamers, developers, and gaming services, rewarding players and developers for their gameplay while enabling a new token-based circular economy with real-world utility.
In addition to full ownership and control over NFT-based game assets, QUDO's proprietary protocol provides full interoperability across compatible games within its ecosystem, opening up new opportunities for developers to create unique and disruptive gaming experiences.
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Experience the next level of FPS gaming with Nearly Friendly Tribes. This low-poly shooter introduces a revolutionary concept of open game design by enabling NFT weapons, powered by QUDO technology, to be used and added in real time by its players. Choose from a diverse range of characters, each with their own distinctive cultural style, and equip them with your own NFT weapons, either acquired or crafted, to engage in thrilling battles for dominance.
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BLOX is a Tower Defense game fully Integrated with QUDO where you defend your blockchain nodes against various web3 enemies. Each level is specific to a well-known blockchain project and requires strategic thinking to defend its node and maximize profits. BLOX is a fun and educational way to learn about the history of blockchain.
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